BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS- Paying School Fees with Ease

Resumption! Does the thought of school resumption make you excited?πŸ’© Finally! I can have some rest.
Or does it make you cringe? School fees! 😱

Here are some tips to help parents pay school fees without stress.

1 Have A Plan

Some parents have found it especially helpful to save more during the holidays and the first month after.
Others have found it helpful to pay for more than a term ahead in order to enjoy discounts on fees from bulk payments thus saving more.

2 Put Your Priorities Right

Create a list of your priorities and set a goal for each. Remember that your kid’s education should be one of your top priorities.
The repercussions of not planning sometimes may coerce you to go for a loan which could be avoided if properly planned.

3 Be Acquainted with Your Financial Strength/Budget

Knowing your financial strength will help you know just what you can afford. What to cut off and what pleasure to avoid. Avoid frivolous spending on festivities and holidays and make sure to steer clear of debt.
It might be strenuous at first but the joy it brings in the long run is worth it.

4 Set Up A Target Savings Account

Setting up a target savings account for school fees helps to avoid the temptation of using money for school fees for other unplanned emergencies .

5 Explore Alternative Sources of Income

Today’s world offers varieties of alternate sources of income. Building soft on-demand skills and making wise investments can provide additional income that will help ease your financial burden.

Wishing you a Happy Resumption! 😊