Celebrating Family in Diversity: Simbed Learners’ Cultural & Drama Club

At Simbed Learners School, the Cultural and Drama Club stands as a vibrant tapestry, weaving together the essence of Nigeria’s diverse cultural heritage. Within this club, students delve into the rich linguistic fabric of our nation, exploring words that evoke the warmth and strength of family bonds in the three major languages: Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo.

Uwa – Mother
Baba- Father
Kanua- Sister
Kaani- Brother
Yara- Children

Mami- Mother
Bami- Father
Egbon mi Obirin- Sister
Egbon mi Okunrin- Brother
Omo- child

แปฅmแปฅaka – Children
Nne – Mother
Nna – Father
Nwanne nwannyi- Sister
Nwanne nwoke- Brother

Through dramatic performances, storytelling, and language workshops, members of the Cultural and Drama Club at Simbed Learners School joyfully immerse themselves in these linguistic treasures. They discover the nuances and beauty embedded within these words, understanding how each term reflects the cherished values of unity, respect, and love within the context of family life in Nigeria.

This club serves as a beacon, not only fostering an appreciation for our linguistic diversity but also nurturing a deep sense of pride in our shared cultural heritage. By exploring and celebrating the words that define our familial ties, the club embodies the spirit of unity amidst diversity that is a hallmark of our school community.

Join us in celebrating the richness of Nigerian culture and the unbreakable bonds of family that transcend language barriers, at the heart of the Cultural and Drama Club at Simbed Learners School. Tap on the video.