Certified to Teach

Simbed has maintained accreditation through the Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB) for the Education of young Children. Our products attests to this.

Educational Values

Our classrooms, equipped with audio/video system are living examples of these ideals. Our teachers harness these tools for deep and impactful learning.

Cultural Education

The culture and ethics of living and being a true Nigerian and world citizen is encouraged, this is entrenched in our best practices...

STEM at its Peak!

Scientific and technological knowledge is impacted using modern best practices to teach Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics...

ICT & Montessori

Simbed is ICT & Montessori focused School. One Student for one Computer. Montessori is a scientifically based education approach that emphasises respect for a child's natural development. It was developed by Italian Maria Montessori.

Interactive Sessions

We Always encourage a one on one, teacher, pupil conversation, this way we attend to the needs of each child uniquely.

Effective Teaching

By introducing modern and effective teaching methods we always keep a smile on the faces of our pupils.

Self Meditation

While our teachers are always ready to impart knowledge, we still understand the importance of self learning so we let our pupils explore their curiosity safely and meditate in this calm environment.

Our core values

learning-and-fun Responsible
We tell the truth, lead by example giving our best always ready and appreciate everyone.
ict-from-cradle ICT from Cradle
Using ICT as a driving force, kids acquire special skills to succeed in life.
children-safety Children Safety
No fatal accident has occurred since inception. You can count on our safety team and ethics.
cute-environment Respect
We use appropriate, positive & kind words. Staff listen to, care for and appreciate every child.

Simbed Programs

We create a safe and welcoming space for your children, simulating home.
Engaging minds and hands, we bring out the best in our pupils, preparing them for life.
With a balance of self-directed play and thoughtful teaching, we coach them to life.
Ministry of Education curriculum and guideline is strictly followed for max impact in learning
Small class size & exceptional teachers enable Simbed offer the best learning curve
We celebrate our success stories and the joys of our pupils and their hard work.

Clubs and Societies

Simbed 2021/2022 Second Term Resumption

Simbed Creche

Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children. Creche rooms are equipped with audio and video gadgets to make your babies stay a homely environment.

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Our News

Tongue Twister Challenge

Kindly click watch on youtube to like and subscribe. Kindly click watch on youtube to like and subscribe. Kindly click watch on youtube to like and subscribe.

Club Exhibition Interview

Watch our Presterians as they get the opinions of the parents on the exhibition event.

Teachers Day 2022.

October 5.   Who is a teacher? Someone who imparts knowledge? Someone who guides?Someone who helps you to be a better version of yourself? If you answered any of the above then youre definitely right. But a teacher is more than the above. A teacher is a  person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence […]

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Our happy parents

Our Timetable
With the latest and most educative setup, we align education to our pupils needs, to give them as much as possible in the briefest of time.
Our Pricing
Simbed offers the best education you can get without breaking the bank. Our standards compared to tuition is far superior.
Our Gallery
We offer not just education but happiness, come and share this moments with us. Check our documentary today!