In December 2018, January 24 was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day of Education, to celebrate education and reflect on the importance of learning for development and peace.Imparting education is not limited to institutions; so each of us has a duty to promote quality education.Allowing access to education can lift […]

*#Simbed Back to School Tips* *Protect Your Child*

  Children are a gift that has to be protected and nurtured. During the first stages of the formative years, our children are vulnerable and need us to protect them and teach them the right things. Molestation and sexual harassment are prevalent in today’s world, and we wouldn’t want our children to become victims of […]


YES.. You read that right! Simbed has launched its app on Google Playstore as part of its Digital Transformation Project. The app is designed to bridge the gap of communication between parents and the school. With the app, parents can monitor their child’s progress from the comfort of their homes and offices. 5 Reasons You […]

World Teachers’ Day 2022: Celebrating Educators🤗

  Teachers work hard to inspire, guide, educate and mentor us every day. Within the world of languages, they help us navigate tricky grammar points, perfect our pronunciation, and stay motivated. They’re the coaches that spur us on and keep us on track.💪🏾 Little wonder this year’s theme is “The transformation of education begins with […]