We celebrated our 20th Anniversary/Graduation Event

Here are some highlights from the program:- 1.All best graduating students received scholarships for the next academic session. 2. Representatives from Universal Basic Education Board launched our brand new school hall. 3. We also launched our school brochure. Click this link to watch a video of the event live from the lens of NTA journalist.

Celebrating Family in Diversity: Simbed Learners’ Cultural & Drama Club

At Simbed Learners School, the Cultural and Drama Club stands as a vibrant tapestry, weaving together the essence of Nigeria’s diverse cultural heritage. Within this club, students delve into the rich linguistic fabric of our nation, exploring words that evoke the warmth and strength of family bonds in the three major languages: Hausa, Yoruba, and […]


We celebrated the International Albinism Awareness Day @ Simbed with the theme for this year’s event being ‘Inclusion is Strength’. The children were sensitized  on the meaning of Albinism, the causes and ways to avoid discrimination and promote inclusion among Persons With Disabilities. It was an enlightening session for everyone present. The children were excited […]

Science Day at Simbed Learners School

Today, our elementary school was buzzing with excitement as students from each class took center stage to showcase their scientific prowess during our annual Science Day event. It was a day filled with wonder, discovery, and a whole lot of learning! From the youngest kindergartners to the seasoned Sixth-graders, each class had something special to […]