Storytime with Khadijah.

The Greedy Man.

Once upon a time. there lived a man called Ajatala. Ajatala was a very greedy man. he never foronce went to his farm to work but he always gets what he wants. This was because Ajatala was the last born and was pampared by his mother. Anytime Ajatala’s siblings refuse to give him money, their mother Aina would say ” Please even if its one thousand naira give him or i will disown you”. After hearing this, they would immediately give Ajatala money. But this made him only depend on other people.

This made his siblings frustrated. One day Ajatala needed money, his mother repeated her usual words to his siblings but each replied ” Mama disown me, i will not give him money. Tell your son to go and make his own money because Papa gave his farmlands to him”. so, Ajatala could not take couldnt take from them anymore. He started working on his farm. He made a lot of money and became wealthy. Many people would come to meet him to lend them money even his siblings but he always refused.This made no one to meet him again.

One day, a man that looked like a tout came to borrow money from Ajatala but as usual he refused. The man begged and begged but Ajatala refused. Out of anger the man went and burnmt Ajatala’s farmlands. Ajatala became poor. He went to beg for money but everyone refused. Ajatala later died of hunger.

Moral Lesson: We should not be greedy.

Written by: Oke Khadijah

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