5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn Coding

What is coding? 
In simple terms, coding is the process of giving computers instructions in a language that they understand.

5 Reasons Every Child Should Learn to Codeman, learning different programming languages

  • Coding teaches your child how to think: Every child should be taught how to think not what to think. Coding works with complex algorithms which builds problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Every time a child succeeds in solving a problem or construct a new algorithm, the kids’ confidence will get a major boost and learns resilience. Children who learn to code are highly creative.
  • Learning to code can improve a child’s communication skills: Learning to code is like learning a new language and that is why kids can learn it faster than you. Like any language, when a kid learns coding while he/she is young, their ability to absorb it will be faster. Sure, it may not be Ibo or Yoruba, but learning to code uses some of the same skills we develop when we learn a new language. When we learn a new language, we become better communicators. Why? We need to know how to break things down to speak simply. This is the same with coding. Computers only understand instructions when they are written in simple easy to follow language that the computer understands. Coding helps to develop that skill.
  • Computer programming is the future: A child who learns how to code will have the advantage in life with more employment opportunities available to them in the future, no matter which industry they decide to enter whether it be in the technology sector, finance, retail, health or other. This is an important reason why coding should be taught in schools.
  • Coding helps children learn how to have fun with math: Coding is the language of maths. Imagine coding being taught in every school? Learning to program involves many skills including organizing and analyzing data. Children can grow their math skills while coding, without even realizing it. Using their logic and calculation skills while creating something of their own can make maths more engaging and fun. Another big reason coding should be taught in schools.
  • Coding is learning while having fun: Learning to code is a perfect gift. Children learn to face challenges while having fun! They learn various tech skills and gain important life skills, and if they can do all of this while having fun, why not?

At Simbed, we believe every should code that is why coding is an integral part of our curriculum right from Nursery class!

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