Do you know that a simple day-to-day activity, such as lifting a cup of water, involves many behind-the-scenes activities?

The muscles in your hands, known as tendons, carry out this activity with such harmony that you won’t even know such complex action has occurred.

Simbed Learners School is undoubtedly a place of learning and empowerment for pupils. However, not all the training and lessons that a child needs for life are acquired through classroom lessons. Several of them, are fetched from club activities like the JETS club.

JETS club is an acronym for Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists club. Like every other club in Simbed Learners School, the JETS club has a purpose, which is to create science awareness and raise future Engineers, Technicians, and Scientists from a young age.

This term, the club helped the pupils understand how our hands work using the robotic hands project.

The project involved all members of the club coming together to create a prototype of what goes on behind the scene of hand movement.

The video on our facebook page is an interview session of the JETS club project by the members of the press club.

In the video, notice how the robotic hands are controlled by the threads that represent the tendons in the human hands.

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