YES.. You read that right!

Simbed has launched its app on Google Playstore as part of its Digital Transformation Project.

The app is designed to bridge the gap of communication between parents and the school. With the app, parents can monitor their child’s progress from the comfort of their homes and offices.

5 Reasons You Should Download the Simbed App

* Information – Instant push notifications and reminders on school activities and events and access to school calendar.

* Communication – Better parent-teacher relationship is enhanced as instant messaging can be done and weekly progress reports shared with parents.

* Academics – The personalized portal helps you keep track of your child’s academic progress, view class activities, get access to study materials, submit homework and projects seamlessly.

* Finance – Easy access to school fees bills, payments, receipts and access to integrated payment systems to make school fees payments.

* Security- Get notified when your child arrives school.


Q1: How do I log in to the app?

As a Simbed parent, a unique login detail will be given to you by the school management. This detail will provide you with access to your child’s portal.

However, Non-Simbed Parents can login as guests and are able to follow up with our school activities on social media.

Q2: Will I have more than one login detail if I have more than one child?

No, your unique login code/ details will give you access to all your children’s portals.

Once you log in, you can switch or alternate between your children’s portal.

Q3: Can my children have access to the portal to do assignments if they have their personal devices?

Ans: Each child has a unique login detail provided by the school Admin that gives the child access to only class activities relevant to him.

Q4: Can I use one device to login for all my children?

Yes. With just one device you can login yourself and all your children and simply switch from one portal to another as the need arises.

Q5 Can the app be used offline?

No. The app must be used online. However, the app has been designed to run with minimal data consumption.

To get this app on Google Playstore, kindly click the link below

For non-android users, simply log on to the web portal on our website –

Download the app now and share your experience with us about the app on our Facebook page.