Our Staff

Our staff consists of over a score teachers and non-academic personnel with experience in early childhood care.

At the Simbed Learners School, we are bent on employing the best qualified to teach our pupils, our staff profile are always on duty, they enjoy their work, hence are able to inculcate educational principles in your children. 

  • We tried several ways of bringing a little joy
  • Everyone at Simbed is special, treated as deserved
  • Our reward mechanism spur our staff on to do more…
Class Teacher
Class Teacher
English Language Tutor
Early Years Tutor
Pre-School Teacher
Basic Science Tutor
History Tutor
Class Teacher
Child Minder | Creche
Administrative Officer
Assistant Class Teacher
Class Teacher
Music Tutor
Mathematics Tutor
Special Education Expert
ICT Support Technician
Public Relations Officer
Class Teacher
Assistant Class Teacher
Head Teacher
Head of Academics
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