How to Teach Your Child to Read Properly

Do you find it challenging to teach your child to read? For many, they start with reading to the child and asking them to repeat after them. Research has shown that using only this method to teach reading is not so effective.

How do you begin teaching a child to read?
You start by teaching the child the letter sounds and how to blend those sounds, and with consistent effort, you will have a child who can read words. The Jolly Phonics App can help you do so.

But reading goes beyond just knowing the words. It involves learning how to logically group words, reading with meaning, and comprehending what has been read. This is usually challenging for many young readers.

Here are a few tips for teaching your child how to read properly.

* Teach Fluency- Fluency involves reading smoothly in a natural rhythm void of any awkward pauses. If there are pauses, the breaks should be consistently where they ought to be. Reading should ‘flow like a river’. Rereading and timed readings can help children enhance fluency.

*Teach Punctuation Marks :- Punctuations helps a reader to know when to pause, when to raise or lower the voice tone, and also how to change the general voice tone when reading conversations between individuals.

*Model the use of expressions- Every piece of writing has a message it seeks to pass. Reading with the proper expressions helps keep the audience engaged. Hand gestures, body movements, and facial movements such as a frown or a smile give deeper meaning to a story by bringing it to life. Constantly modeling such reading or using apps that can read stories out loud such as Epic and Khan Kids can be especially helpful for young children.

Finally, help your child to remember that maintaining proper posture, establishing eye contact while reading, and being relaxed and confident produce great readers.

Because we know how challenging it is to teach reading to children, Simbed Learners school, in the spirit of keeping up with our motto β€œKnowledge Applied Makes Wise,” applied the tips above to train our pupils through a Reading Competition.

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