Homemakers Club

Welcome to our page. This is homemaking club where you can learn to be the best homemaker. At Simbed we groom pupils with requisite skills to be workers at home.

Simbed Home Makers Club develops the skills needed for your children to make good living environment and do cooking. Working with them, we teach them cooking itself, this include but not limited to frying, roasting, steaming, baking, needle work, DIY (Do it yourself) skills. These activities develops self confidence in running the day to day activities of the home as well as preparing them in giving or rendering services in any environment they find themselves. We are happy to see excellent homely behaviour of our pupils, our cooperative and wonderful parents attest to this.

The foundation of every successful adult, think-tanks, and captains of industry are these little contributions at an early age. Regardless of where you want them placed now or in the future, this club places your child or ward on the right pedestal. Our passion for all-rounded out children is evidenced in the outworking of this club and others.

Activities for 1st Term 2021/2022 Session

  • Registration and Electing of Club Executives.
  • Introduction to Frying.
  • I can tidy my bedroom.
  • Making of cocktail drinks.
  • Beautifying our environment.
  • Making of liquid soap.
  • Field trip to a confectionary.

Seasoned teachers are appointed to man each club and society at Simbed. The teachers head the discoveries and ensure that each member is thoroughly assisted to bring to reality what lies within. All are helped to attain full potentials in their quest for a children that parents are proud of.

Every task is broken down into functional units easily understandable by each member, hence, it is easy for all pupils to be integrated into any of our clubs and societies. Below are prime requirements:

  • Must be registered with the school’s Homemakers Club
  • Must have attained some academic credit
  • Registration welcome from other schools
  • Other requirements to be stated at registration point


June 2024