Press and Debate

With the future in our hands we endeavor to inculcate in the kids the importance of having and giving truthful information.

Cultural and Drama

While its up to each one of us to determine where we are going, we have no choice but to accept and celebrate our roots and cultures

Home makers

Nothing beats good manners, the importance of Good behavior can not be overstated, with this in mind we prioritize inculcating the best behaviours and etiquettes in our pupils.


With science ever advancing, the pupils of Simbed learners school are on the scientific charge as well, we value the future.

Young health and environmental club

Our home planet needs as much  maintenance as we give our bodies, this makes it one of our primary purpose to care for anything health related.

Our other Fun clubs

Coding club
Choreography club
Board games club
Arts and craft club
Music club
Ballet club
Barney club
Maths club