Simbed Celebrates International Museum Day 2023


The theme for the IMD 2023 was ‘Museums, Sustainability and Wellbeing.’ In line with this, on Thursday, May 18th 2023 Simbed Learners School took all its pupils on a virtual tour of ‘Digital Benin’ . This choice was inspired by the ongoing Digital Transformation Project in the school and was also a means to enlighten the staff and pupils that digitization of our historical artificacts is a sure way of ensuring sustainability.

During the course of the program, the pupils were helped to understand that there are various types of museums and were amazed to learn that they could visit a museum right there in the school. A brief video showing the history of the Benin Kingdom was shown and the students took a tour using electronic devices with the assistance of teachers who acted as tour guides.The students learned the value of preserving our cultural artifacts and heritage.

As part of the celebration, some members of our GCED club went on an excursion to the museum in the Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria. At KCCN, they learned about cultural integration, how to say hello and thank you in Korean, and got a chance to paint their own masks!

Simbed Learners is always looking for new ways to help our students learn about life, whether through their own eyes as time passes or through the eyes of others. It was our sincere hope that the students would understand the significance of preserving historical items because they would need them to tell their own stories in the future.

It wouldn’t be polite to conclude without saying “Gamsahabnida” or “Thank you” for reading thus far.

Enjoy the video slide on the experiences we had on our Facebook page.