Science Day at Simbed Learners School

Today, our elementary school was buzzing with excitement as students from each class took center stage to showcase their scientific prowess during our annual Science Day event. It was a day filled with wonder, discovery, and a whole lot of learning!

From the youngest kindergartners to the seasoned Sixth-graders, each class had something special to share with the whole school community. Here’s a glimpse of the scientific presentations that left everyone in awe:

Kindergarten: The littlest scientists presented their project on density, demonstrating which object sinks and floats. They also worked on mixing various liquids.

Nursery 2: Our scientist explored the concept of magic milk highlighting the importance of surface tension.

Basic 1: First graders explored the wonders of chemistry with their self inflating balloon. Baking soda and vinegar reactions turned into ingredients that sparked wide-eyed amazement.

Basic 2: This class examined the properties of air. Proving how air occupies space, aids burning etc. we loved every bit of it.

Basic 3: The third graders took on the important task of explaining why oxidation happens and how to reduce it, they used apple as a case study to help us see ways to preserve it.

Basic 4: Our fourth graders wowed us with their robot projects. We can’t wait to see how the robot helps us in school.

Basic 5: This junior seniors showed us what water refraction is. Showing us how light refracts when it moves from air to water. You should have seen it, we were mesmerized.

Basic 6-This class dived into the world of electricity, creating simple circuits with batteries and bulbs and using it to compare the colours of light and the colours of paint. They even made some awesome DIY flashlights!

Parents and teachers couldn’t have been prouder of our young scientists, and it was evident that they had poured their hearts and minds into their projects. But Science Day was not just about presentations; it was also a day for fun experiments, interactive booths, and hands-on learning for all.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony to celebrate the exceptional efforts and creativity displayed the classes. It was heartwarming to see the beaming faces of the winning class/students as they received their certificate and trophy.

Science Day was a testament to the curiosity and innovation of our students, and it left us all looking forward to more scientific discoveries in the future. Thanks to our amazing teachers and young scientists for making this event an unforgettable experience. Here’s to nurturing the love for science and learning in Simbed Learners School! Tap the video to see how it went.