International Day of Sign Language.

Interview with Members of Simbed Press club after the International day of sign language event.

Do you know that Over 7,000 languages exist in our world? Most of which are spoken while others are signed using the hands.

Sign language is a language that the deaf use to communicate among themselves and with those who can hear as well.

Here are 4 interesting facts you might not know about sign language.

  1. Sign Language involves more than hand gestures. It involves the use of facial expressions and body language.
  2. Children acquire sign language in the same way they acquire spoken language.

3.Different countries have different sign languages.

  1. There are more than 300 different sign languages in use around the world.

This year, Simbed celebrated the International Day of Sign Language in a unique way.

We collaborated with I-sign community, See-Hear Initiative and ASLIN to come and educate our pupils on sign language and the deaf community. They sent their representatives and among them were two deafs.

How did the children feel about this unique opportunity?
The video above gives an insight into their feelings.